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A holistic way to enhance your birth & postpartum experiences.

Congratulations!!! You're expecting.
Your Birth & Your Postpartum, Your way


Whether you're planning for a natural home birth in the water, a hospital ("give me all the meds") birth, or something in between, I'll support you emotionally, physically, and with evidence based information. Wondering whether to breastfeed or bottle feed? To circumcise and/or to vaccinate or not? With research and suggested readings, I'll help you make the best informed decisions for your family. You will receive help to create a plan based on what you value and put it to work.

Doulas for Dad and other partners

Dads and partners are so important when it comes to birth. Even though I know birth, your partner knows you. When working together I find it important to get to know dad too. Your partner cares for you and baby, so it's important that I get to know them as well. Dads are so prepared to show you a brave face when it comes to birth but the truth is, they're uncertain too. Like with mom, I work with dad to address his concerns so that he feels prepared. Depending on their desired level of involvement, I teach your partner how to support you during birth so that they feel more confident, functional, and needed.

I found Jessica at the last minute, literally the week I was to have a planned C-section. A friend encouraged me to seek the help of a doula, so I did...


Jessica was a blessing to work with. She is responsive, respectful, dependable and professional. She created a beautiful cord keepsake with my son's cord and took really awesome pictures of my placenta. She encapsulated my placenta and put the capsules in the cutest jar. I received the capsules the day I was released from the hospital. She was also very helpful with teaching proper breastfeeding technique, among other things. I could not have been luckier. She was a blessing to our family.

S. DeHaven
S. DeHaven
Benefits of having a Doula:

Clinical Benefits:

  • Reduced use of Pitocin

  • Fewer request for Pain Meds

  • Less likely to need Forceps and Vacuum

  • Reduced Likelihood of Cesarean Birth

  • Better APGAR Scores for Baby

  • Greater Satisfaction with the Overall Birth Experience

  • More Positive Long-Term Memories


Emotional Support:

  • Decreased Anxiety

  • Increased Confidence

  • Boosted Self-Esteem

  • Improved Postpartum Mental Health

  • Family Bonding & Support for Partners & Siblings


Physical Support:

  • Increased Movement

  • Improved Relaxation

  • Comfort & Reassurance

  • Lactation Support

Contact Us

Based out of Waldorf, MD 

Serving the DC, MD, and VA areas within a 35 mile radius.
Tel 202-697-0534 or


How can In Loving Hands help you?

Assist with planning: helping expecting parents make informed choices based on what they value.

Provide supportin the form of emotional, informational, and physical,

Provide resources: connecting families with additional resources and support.

Facilitate effective communication: between families and healthcare team.


and helped ease my fears as a first time mom-to-be.  She attended my OB appointment and provided stretching exercises weekly in preparation for childbirth.  She stayed by my side at the hospital once I went into labor until 2 days later when I finally delivered.  During the birthing process she made sure I understood everything that was going on and that it was aligned as closely to my birth plan as possible.  Once I released from the hospital, she came over and ensured I was recovering well and offered to watch the baby to give me a break to take a nap or relax for a few moments.  She also delivered my placenta pills and provided me with a very creative print of my placenta.  Jessica and I still keep in touch and she has become a close friend of my family. 

S. Washington

After searching and interviewing a few doulas over a one month period, I met Jessica through  Jessica is a kind and genuine person...

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